Flaik GPS tracking device

Manufactured by Flaik, the GPS tracking device is the size of a cell phone; and fits into a neoprene pouch which is secured around the child's leg, above his or her boot.

Flaik GPS tracking deviceEvery child enrolled in the Homewood's children's ski or snowboard programs receives a GPS device to wear for the day.

"There are really two reason for incorporating GPS tracking into our programs," said Kevin Mitchell, assistant general manager at Homewood. "Primarily, the GPS tracking device offers an additional element of safety. Secondarily, the GPS device offers a real element of fun as parents and child can log onto the Flaik website after a day of skiing with the GPS device and view the trails he or she skied during a given day."

With the Flaik GPS device, a child's location is tracked throughout the day. If a child needs to be located immediately, a resort representative can pull up that child's location in real time.

The new GPS device is included in all children's full or half-day class lesson programs at Homewood and required to be worn.


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