Apex Ski Boot Demo Day

Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Apex Ski Boots are a relatively new ski boot to hit the market.  Developed in 2008, Apex Ski Boots are the first boot designed and built to take advantage of the modern shaped ski.  The Apex boot system was developed through Denny Hanson's experience with snowboard boots and other technical footwear.  

What makes them unique? How about an over-lapping plastic shell.  Which wraps around an inner boot that resembles a snowboard boot?  Yes, it has foot beds and four buckles.  Perhaps what truly separates this boot is its "walkability:" as in you can ski all day, break for lunch, go for an apres ski celebration and never take them off!  Skis have evolved dramatically over the years, as have poles, goggles, and apparel.  It's only natural boots will follow suit, and trust us, Apex boots will feel natural on your feet.

Apex ski boots feature a custom fit liner; a walkable support boot; and an open chassis.  Pretty much a liner within a liner, within an exoskeleton.  Don't know what we mean? Come see for yourself at the Apex Ski Boot Demo Day at Homewood on January 19, 2013.