Snow & Grooming Report

Currently At Homewood

30 °


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Precip: %

Snow & Surface Conditions

Lower Mountain Upper Mountain
Snow Depth 95" 201"
24-hr Snow Total 8" 28"
Storm Snow Total 12" 52"
Temp (at time of reporting) 32° F 30° F
Wind (at time of reporting) 15 mph 26 mph

Current Snow Conditions: It's a powder day! We've had continuous snow for over four days now and the conditions are excellent! In the last 24 hours, we received 28" giving us a storm grand total of 52". We are expecting to see continued snow throughout the day, which could result in 6"-10" by the end of the day. Temperatures will fall to 23 by later this afternoon and wind is expected to stay around 20 mph. Due to substantial snowfall, please expect delayed openings as our team is working hard to assess and open terrain.

Ski Lifts

Lift Status & Grooming Report

Status Ranking
G = Groomed     O = Open     C = Closed
S = Scheduled
Beginner = Beginner       Intermediate = Intermediate
Advanced = Advanced     Expert = Expert

Madden Chair

Operations hold, sorry for the inconvenience.
Chute G Cradle G Last Resort O
Lombard Street G Northern Return O Ore Car G
Shaft G Tailings G Glory Hole O
Jimmy's Run O Race Course O The Face O

Quail Chair

Overload C Homeward Bound C Short Cut C
El Capitan C Jug Handle C Martin's Lane C
Mighty Fine C Prospector C Sunnyside C
Double Trouble C Drain Pipe C Exhibition C
Spillway C

Ellis Chair

Rainbow Ridge G Smooth Cruise C Cassandra's Crossing C
Cedar Ridge C Upper Homeward Bound C Hidden Vein C
High Grade C Lower Ego Alley C Noonchester Traverse C
Second Creek C The Glades C Third Creek C
Little Dipper C Big Dipper C Blow Off C
Dutch Treat C Ego Alley C Quail Face C
Ivory Face C The Shoulder C Hobbit Land C
Wally's Folly C Show Off C 55' Chutes C
White Lightning C Main Cirque C

Old Homewood Express

Operations hold, sorry for the inconvenience.
Bonanza O Lake Louise O Miner's Delight O
Pot O' Gold G Wash Pan O Juniper O
Gilbert's Gulch O Lower Lake Louise O Nugget O
Woody Fellers O Lasky Lane O

South Carpet Surface Lift

Children's Center G

Happy Platter

Joyride G Park Place G

Alpine Platter

Smooth Ride C

Magic Carpet

Easy Slider G

Park Report

Happy Park C Madden Ridge Park C
Lakeview Park C Kolby's Escape Park C
Money Booter C Foundation Bowl C