Preparing your Child for Ski School

Preparing Your CHILD for Ski School

Concerned about whether your child will enjoy ski school or not? Here are some tips to ease the transition to this sport:

Three to six months prior to your child’s lesson:

·         Be a “Raving Fan.” Talk up skiing and snowboarding to get your child curious and excited. Conversations at home about the wonder of snow; sensations of cold and mountains can ignite a child’s curiosity (or frighten). If you are a skier, tell them stories about when you learned to ski. Tell them how it was difficult at first, but it became one of the most fun things you have ever done. Many of the instructors try to anchor learning within the context of familiar experiences.  As your child relates their associations of skiing to the instructor, the instructor will try to use that terminology within the lesson.

·         We embrace the idea of "Positive Transfer." That means activities like rollerblading and ice-skating are great crossover sports for skiing. Children learn to balance on a moving platform, and the skating movements “transfer” well to skiing. For children 6 years or older, skateboarding is a great preparation for snowboarding.  In addition, any activity that involves one foot balance or foot manipulation will greatly aid their ski balance.


One month or less, prior to your child’s lesson:

·         Phone in your reservation. You must book your reservation at least 48 hours before arrival, much sooner for Holiday periods.

·         Familiarize them with their equipment by practicing getting dressed or pretending to be at the mountain. If they don't have their own equipment, take them to a ski shop or show them how your own equipment works. If able, have them wear your gear and practice walking around the house in it. The more that you can make the routine of gearing up and getting ready comfortable for them, the higher the likelihood of success of their (and your) experience at the Resort.

·         Use the local library or the internet to look up and discuss relevant interests such as snow, the mountains, skiing itself, etc. One great way to get them excited is to watch ski/snowboard videos together and get them captivated.

·         Express abundant excitement about your trip to the mountains. Your child will play off or mirror your excitement and hopefully become very enthusiastic themselves.


The week prior to your child’s lesson:

·         Ensure that your child has all the gear he/she will need for their trip. Double check that everything fits properly and is still safe. This includes helmets, waterproof gloves/mittens, ski pants, goggles and a ski jacket. If anything needs to be replaced or updated, this is the time to do it.

·         Keep the enthusiasm about the trip at a high! By now, your child is hopefully very excited to get to the mountain.

The day before your child’s lesson:

·         Use a permanent marker to label all of your child’s belongings so they won't be misplaced. Check to ensure that your child has all the necessary clothing and gear, from appropriate eyewear, to mittens and waterproof clothes.

·         Have them drink lots of water. Hydration is important not only the day of, but the days prior as well.

·         Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep, is well-fed, and prepared to wake up early and depart for the mountain.


The Day of your child’s lesson:

 ·         Find the weather conditions for that day, road conditions, etc. Get dressed together as a family and get the car packed with all the essentials.

 ·         Enjoy a hearty breakfast. This will ensure your child is attentive throughout the day and has the proper energy.

 ·         Arrive early. Remember, every minute you save is a minute earned at the resort, whether you need it to use the restrooms, grab some food, or get prepared. 



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