Bicycle Rentals & Repairs

Bicycle Rentals

Homewood Summer Rentals is selling their fleet! Paddleboard sale prices start at just $620 and include Stand On Liquid touring boards, Surftech universal boards and NSP universal boards. Our Marin bikes are perfect for the casual rider and are on sale starting at just $200 including several models and sizes. Click here for pricing and details. 

Get out of your car and explore the paved bicycle paths running all the way down the West Shore with an easy-to-pedal cruiser bike from Homewood's fleet of new Marin bicycles. We have sizes for all riders, including kids sizes.

Bike Rentals PRICING
Adult Multi Day Rental  $29/day
Adult One Day Rental  $34
Adult Half Day Rental  $24 
Adult 1 Hour Rental  $14/hr

Demo Bike Multi Day Rental $89/day
Demo Bike One Day Rental $99

Child Multi Day Rental $21/day
Child Full Day Rental $24
Child Half Day Rental $14
Child 1 Hour REntal $9/hr

For additional questions: Please email or call 530-584-6856

Bicycle Repairs and Maintenance

Already have your own bike, but need some help getting it roadworthy? Our certified bicycle repair team can get you back on the road in no-time.  If you aren't sure what package to choose, simply let our experts guide you to the right tune-up for your bicycle.  Additional repairs and maintanance options are available upon request. 

Tune package Pricing
Basic Tune: Thorough clean; disassemble wheels to visually inspect wheel and tire;  brake adjustments; derailleur adjustments; bolt check; final ride evaluation.


Deluxe Tune: Everything in the Basic Tune as well as: true wheels, hub adjustments; clean and relubricate drive-train.  $79.99
Premium Tune: Everything in the Deluxe Tune with the addition of: completely disassemble, clean, relubricate and reassemble bicycle; replacement of all cables and housing.   $129.99




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