International Applicants

Winter Season 2013-2014

Homewood Mountain Resort is happy to announce that we will be participating in the J-1 and H2B Visa programs this coming winter season.

We love the diversity, cultural richness, and the fun the international students bring to our resort and community. This season we will be hosting a "How to have a Great Experience in the US" orientation, employees parties, and our first indoor soccer tournament!


We will be accepting applications from J-1 applicants (new and returning employees) through WorkUSE and CIEE. If you are a new applicant that has never worked for Homewood Mountain Resort, you must attend a job fair in-person. If you have already worked for Homewood Mountain Resort, please contact See details below.


Homewood Mountain Resort offers H2B visa’s to ski and snowboard instructors who are typically out of school and have level 2 or 3 PSIA/AASI or equivalent certification. We will be reviewing all applications and making job offers by September 20th.  If you are interested in working with Homewood Mountain Resort Ski and Snowboard School on an H2B visa, please have your entire application packet turned in by September 1. H2B visa applicants must be available for work from December 12th, 2013 – April 14th, 2014.

Download the full H2B application here.









Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru

Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru

All countries


(I have never worked at Homewood)

Apply at WorkUSE Apply at CIEE All applicants please submit your completed application to


(I am a former employee and wish to return to Homewood)

Email with the following info:

1) Your name, email & country

2) Previous sponsor used (example: CCUSA, WorkUSE)

3) Season worked (example: Winter 2012-13)

4) Department worked (example: Ski/Snowboard School)

5) 3 departments that interest you most (see below)




(I am a former employee and know someone that would be a great fit for Homewood)

Email hr@skihomewood.comwith the following info:

1) Name of person you are referring and the sponsor (WorkUSE or CIEE) they applied at

2) Your name, email & country

3) Previous sponsor used (example: CCUSA, WorkUSE)

4) Season worked (example: Winter 2012/13)

5) Department worked (example: Ski/Snowboard School)



Ski/Snowboard School, Lift Operations, Food & Beverage & Rentals Level 2 & 3, Ski & Snowboard instructors


If you have any questions regarding winter employment at Homewood, please email us at



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